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January 24, 2012
Have you ever been stunned by the power of illicit drugs? Have you watched a drug destroy a friend or family member? Maybe you or someone you love is addicted right now. Cocaine is often the culprit of these intense addictions, and frequently elicits short and long term effects that can tear the fabric of a family, a life, or…

quit smoking
January 13, 2012
You've seen the pictures: a cigarette pressed between grey and yellow teeth, human lungs blackened from the effects of smoking, a dejected man blowing smoke between his brown lips – images like these show us the effects of smoking; they tell us the facts. But even facts are often sidelined when dealing with addiction, and common sense fades into the…

December 22, 2011
Life is like a balloon. Stress stretches its rubber fabric; responsibility fills it to full capacity day in and day out. One thing goes wrong, and ‘pop!' your day is ruined, your business bankrupt, your family shattered, your life – a wreck. And the next day, the balloon rapidly fills – only to pop again. Life is stressful, full of…

December 7, 2011
If you are presently, or once were – addicted to drugs, then you understand the intense power of illicit drug use; you recognize the dangers of potential dependence on an external substance, and you can comprehend the difficulty of the "recovery road." Maybe you're on that road, or perhaps you're scared to embark down the intimidating path to recovery. Possibly…

November 29, 2011
Cocaine embodies a certain status symbol and has developed a reputation for those who use it in India. Cocaine users are known in India as the country's "Thin Upper Crust." With its exclusively high price tag and scarcity in India, those who can come to possess cocaine are often elevated quickly to an elite social status in some circles. Cocaine…

non-medical effects of drug abuse in India
November 15, 2011
Father sits inside waiting for the effect of his ecstasy pills to kick in. He lost his job two months ago. Mother rolls bidis under a homemade cloth tent outside trying to make ends meet for the family. Their two children would rather occupy the streets of Punjab looking for relief from their difficult life than experiencing the hardships of…

November 4, 2011
Is drug abuse becoming the sixth flowing river in the State of Five Rivers? What is happening to Punjab? Punjab represents a sacred portion of our country. The rich history of this ancient land has given its people a sense of native pride. Punjab is a blessed region of India that once stood witness to countless victories and triumphs. Preserved…

October 25, 2011
Photo by Petar Starčević from Pexels A woman bends over her wooden kitchen table. Her black hair is tied back, and her brown hands hold a tendu leaf filled with flakes of sun-dried tobacco. She casually lifts the sides of the small leaf, forcing the dark tobacco to slide into its centre. Carefully, but easily, the woman quickly rolls the leaf into a…

October 18, 2011
In a recent interview we conducted with Rahul Luther, the executive trustee and managing director of Hope Trust, we asked him what he believed the first step towards overcoming drug addiction in India was. His response demonstrated the need for government intervention in the area of de-addiction. He said, "Government regulation and guidelines to encourage more rehabs that meet basic…

October 13, 2011
De-Addiction Centres recently conducted an interview with Mr. Rahul Luther, the Executive Trustee and Managing Director of Hope Trust. Hope Trust is a premier De-Addiction Centre, and is known around the world for its excellent work in the field of addiction and recovery. We are grateful to Mr. Luther for taking his time to share his and Hope Trust's passion…

Women and Drug Abuse in India - A Growing Challenge
September 30, 2011
In the last thirty years, use of illegal drugs has exploded into a global epidemic. Permeating into nearly every cultural and social class, there isn't a nation in the world that doesn't struggle with drug abuse on some level. A related UN report concluded that perhaps the biggest concern surrounding substance abuse is the impression it makes on those most…

September 22, 2011
Dad came home one night with a brown paper bag in his left hand. The bag had small black letters on it; I couldn't quite make out what it said. His face wore a conceited smile as he rushed to his bedroom. Before I could ask him how his day was the door shut behind him. I heard him dump…

Are Needle and Syringe Programmes Effective for Harm Reduction
September 13, 2011
As illegal drug use continues to pose pandemic-like threats to countries around the world, governments seem to be losing hope in their ultimate purpose for drug abusers: abstaining from illegal drugs. Complete Abstinence? Though total abstinence is a commendable and necessary goal, governments are beginning to view the ambition as impossible. As a result, harm reduction, a program recently employed…

Kripa Foundation De-Addiction Drive
September 9, 2011
Drug abuse continues to impose a very real concern across India. With abusers living in nearly 70% of Indian homes, the seriousness of this problem has devastating potential. Importance of De-Addiction Drives [caption id="attachment_1966" align="alignleft" width="354"] A De-Addiction drive held by the Kripa Foundation[/caption] When you consider the growing Indian drug industry, and the disturbing causalities and effects of drug…

Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre Facility
September 6, 2011
Hi There Friends, I would like to thank Mr. Rony George and Mrs. Sushupti Rony director and program co-ordinator at chaitanya mhcc. For wat i am today, I was an addict as well as a p.d. It is because of them that I stand here today on my own with my head held high. Going through rough patches and a…