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How Can I Afford De-Addiction Treatment?

February 7, 2012

Baahir sinks his brown hand into the soil and pulls out a handful of black dirt. Water seeps into the hole he formed, and he drops two seeds that splash into the ground. Habitually, he brushes the soil back over the seeds, and begins forming the next hole.A small plant representing the growth in an addict's life after treatment Baahir is a heroin addict, and he works on a farm owned by a De-Addiction centre. Admitted into the self-supporting centre three weeks ago, he has already developed practical skills while slowly walking down the road to recovery.

I’ve heard of free rehab; but how does it work?

At Baahir’s clinic, residents are put to work. Acting like a small business, the clinic admits lower class addicts who are trained to work on the farm or on charitable projects to raise funds for the centre. As important social skills and personal responsibility is developed on the farm and behind the charitable table – professional counsel and rehabilitation activities are made available to the addicts. [pullquote]”Free centres can eradicate addiction from your life without putting a dent in your wallet.”[/pullquote]

Because of the resident’s work at the centre, rehabilitation treatment is provided completely free. Without putting a dent in your wallet, or risking wasting your money at a fraudulent centre, free centres can eradicate addiction from your life without taking your money.

Free De-Addiction centres can also form through government funding. The Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment funds a number of centres including the Jawahar De-addiction Centre in Kootayam, Kerala. The Jawahar centre focuses its treatment on woman and children, while other free centres have a broader scope of treatment – concentrating on the general “underprivileged” portion of India’s population. Finally, several free centres receive funds from foundations and charitable foundations, and often receive aid from volunteer doctors and nurses.

So What about Me?

Maybe you’re asking yourself, so what about me? How can I or someone I know, receive cheap or free treatment for his/her addiction? If this question is pressing on your mind, I would encourage you to consider the following three options:

Get a perspective on recovery.

Recover will impact you in the long run; this impact will inspire you to seriously consider rehabilitation – free or not.

Seeking help and discovering it at a De-Addiction centre will change your life. Read testimonials from addicts, or talk to anyone who has recovered from an addiction, and they will tell you how it has changed their life.

Consider free rehabilitation.

Look into free treatment at a self-supporting deaddiction centre or a government-funded centre. Centres like these do exist, and they’re in the very early stages of becoming commonplace in India.

Look into getting a government grant.

An Indian man wearing a pink turbanNon-Government and Government Organizations offer grants for the poor and underprivileged, or mentally ill citizens of India. See what Punjab is doing to fund deaddiction amidst their drug crisis.

Wanted: Free De-Addiction Centres

The increasing prevalence of drug addiction across our country shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, especially not to our government. The numbers are surprising and the dominance of substance abuse is staggering.

Almost as outstanding though, is the lack of government intervention. When asked what needed to be done in order to overcome the drug problem in India, the Executive Trustee and Managing Director of Hope Trust, Mr. Rahul Luther, told us in an interview that India needs “Government regulation and guidelines to encourage more rehab [centres] that meet basic professional and ethical standards.”

Mr. Luther’s statement demonstrates the casual approach of the Indian government as they endeavor to address the substance abuse issue in India. But, as the issue cannot be ignored, and the government continues to address it, more centres will be funded and more addicts will find treatment affordable or even free.

Free De-Addiction Centres in India

Visit our directory of free centres; and find one that fits your needs. Have you ever received treatment from a free centre? Do you know of any that we don’t have in our directory? We’d love to read about your experience below in the comments section.