which lists more than 1700 rehab centers from India and receives over a million/year highly targeted hits from patients looking for a rehab center, offers very focused advertising options for rehab and deaddiction centers of different sizes and types.

However, we are always free for listing your center in our directory and would love to have you as a part of our various campaigns to promote de-addiction and mental health in India.

Advertising Plans

Starter Plan

Usually low on budget or just want to start some form of high value advertising. Not sure where & how to start. We have launched a new product for this segment.

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Medium size

You are spending on few ideas for advertising and looking for a flexible option for a very targeted promotion. This is a time to explore your growth with right advertising.

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Have a dedicated staff and campaigns to promote you center. Looking for a partner to scale your promotion and advertising to a different geographies in India and abroad.

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What we offer

Each center that we promote on our platform have an option to choose from a combination of different placements and geographies. To help you understand, here is a brief explanation for each of them:-

Enhanced Profile

This is an upgrade over your current free profile, where we give you an option to customize your page to attract more leads, share more photographs, videos and other information about your center. This also offers you an additional advantage of integrating a dedicated enquiry form which can be customized as per your need.

Primary targeting

Primary targeting option is used to reach out to a large group of audience from a particular geography either at a state level or one or more of the major metro cities. This is an exclusive opportunity which is only offered to one center for each state and major metros. For example, if your center is in Amritsar and most of your patients are expected from Punjab then, targeting Punjab as a primary state might make sense for your center.

Secondary targeting

Secondary targeting is shown at the top of search results and is our best seller. This is available for all the states & cities and unlike Primary targeting, this is not exclusive. So, you will be sharing the same spot with other centers which are also advertising in your geography. However, given the high quality traffic that we receive, Secondary targeting is always better than a free listing.

Homepage placement

This option puts your center directly to our home page thereby giving you a huge benefit to showcase yourself to millions of our highly targeted visitors each year. Being the landing page, this also gives you a wide variety of audience.

Footer placement

Footer placements are sitewide and gives you an opportunity to show your center on every page of in the footer section.

Luxury & International placements

If you are looking for more international exposure and if you run a center which can be considered as a luxury center, we have various options from our other international assets which can help you achieve your results. One of the option that we have recently opened for our India centers is on the India page of