Mental health and addiction-related problems are not uncommon. If you are struggling with such 

Issues, you are not alone. Help is just a few clicks away. Find some of the popular groups and communities in the mental health and de-addiction space right here.

Alcoholics Anonymous India AA is an International Fellowship of more than 2 million recovering alcoholics throughout the world. In India, there are about 40,000 members. They meet in over 1,500 local meetings spread around the country.

Mental Health Support groups in India A platform to find out what’s happening in mental health support meetup groups around the world and start meeting up with the ones near you.

BELIEVE BELIEVE is a support group directed at people with mental health issues, people that want to know more about it and to help spread awareness.

Therapists in Private Practice(TIPP) A group for clinicians and practitioners who are interested in or affiliated with mental health/counselling based private practice. It is a space to exchange ideas, talk about marketing techniques, business, local events, speaking engagements, and CEU’s, etc.

The Tribe – Wellness Community The Tribe is home to 8 mental health support groups: AddictionTribe, AnxietyTribe, DepressionTribe, HIV/AidsTribe, LGBTribe, MarriageFamilyTribe, OCDTribe, and TeenTribe. The Tribe offers its members the latest in social network technology carefully tailored to create an environment of support and encouragement. is a growing online support groups community. It aims to bring people together around life’s challenges by providing concise, up-to-date information and a meeting place for individuals, their friends and families, and professionals who offer pathways to help.

AASRA – Suicide Prevention and Counselling NGO AASRA focuses on suicide prevention and provides a 24/7 suicide prevention helpline. But for those who are just looking for support, they do organise support groups for people suffering from bipolar, schizophrenic disorders, and families affected by suicide.

The Addict’s Diary A group where people share their stories, failures, successes, and lessons learnt on their path to recovery in order to inspire others suffering from addiction.

Addiction Recovery Support Group A popular and judgement-free group for people in recovery and people seeking recovery and/or attempting to get and stay clean.

Narcotics Anonymous Recovery Forum The Narcotics Anonymous Recovery Forum encourages all members to regularly attend NA meetings, get a sponsor and a homegroup.

Mental Health Awareness and Support A safe place to give and receive peer-to-peer advice and support for all mental illnesses.

Anxiety Support Group A Facebook group helping people struggling with anxiety.

AA India Online A self-funded group for people to share their experiences and knowledge and help each other recover from alcoholism.

NA India’s (Online Meetings) for Loner group An online NA meeting group where people can join from anywhere in India.

The Government of India has also set up a 24×7 National Toll-Free drug de-addiction helpline number — 1800110031 to help the victims of drug abuse, their family and society at large.