Suicide prevention

“When the pain becomes unbearable and the world looks down on you, YOU choose to free yourself – YOU choose SUICIDE.”

Headlines of suicide catch everyone’s attention and quickly become a topic of discussion, and then  the world starts judging instead of discussing and trying to understand the pain.

Suicidal Ideation does not begin because a person just wants to do it, It develops over a series of thoughts that the person has been struggling with over a period of days or even months. It becomes the final destination when the one committing it feels that there is no other way or reason to live because the pain becomes unbearable.

If you  have been suicidal or  beginning to have such thoughts of engaging in suicidal behaviour, please know and be assured that  there is help available just a single phone call away. Suicide isn’t cowardly behaviours as they all say and neither is it something that shouldn’t be discussed openly . We are not here to judge you or your pain. We hear about people committing suicide for various reasons every single day, and we want to offer the help you need during such a time.

Choosing drugs or other means to commit suicide will not be the answer to your problems. But having someone who can listen to you, empathise and support you during these difficult times, whether a stranger or a friend or a family member can give you a sigh of relief and a ray of hope.

If you feel you have no one in your circle of friends or family with whom you can share the unbearable pain, there is an alternative where private and confidential help is made available in your area.

India has many 24 hour helpline numbers where you can call and seek professional assistance by directly connecting with a professional counselor or a suicide mental health first aider. 

Make  use of the following helpline numbers and feel free to  share your pain or even indulge in an open conversation with a professional who will certainly make you feel good or even change your way of thinking altogether.


KIRAN – 1800-599-0019

24*7 Mental Health Rehabilitation Helpline

This toll-free mental health rehabilitation helpline was launched by the Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment considering growing mental health concerns, especially during COVID-19. 24*7 help is available here where you can get assistance in 13 Indian languages. Qualified Psychiatrists and Psychologists from across the country are available for your help.

Select your language and state after dialling this toll-free number, and you will be given all the help you need.

SAATH – +91-79 26305544, 26300222/[email protected]

SAATH is a voluntary organisation associated with Befrienders India (National Association for Suicide Prevention Centers).

Trained volunteers carefully listen to your problems and offer unconditional support over telephone, e-mail, by letter, or in-person. Support is provided to those who ask for it throughout the year between 1 pm to 7 pm.

CADABAMS HOSPITAL – 096111 94949/+91-9741 476 476

Cadabams hospital is a speciality centre for psychiatry and neurology. The facility believes that mental health crises can occur anytime, whether day or night. It is why their helpline is operations 24*7 and offers the right support and treatment to get you through.

Break the silence with Cadabams and find hope to live one more day.

AASRA – +91 98204 66726

With the motto of “We Are Here To Help,” AASRA provides 24*7 confidential assistance with the help of professionally trained volunteers throughout the year. You can also choose between Hindi and English as per convenience.

Fortis Healthcare National Helpline – +918376804102/[email protected]

This 24*7 helpline offers help to students and parents having stress or mental health problems related to exams and academics. Fortis Stress Helpline team comprises several mental health professionals who can converse in multiple languages for your convenience. You can also write them an e-mail if you do not feel comfortable talking over the phone or in-person.

iCALL – 022-25521111/9152987821

iCALL is a telephone and e-mail based mental health service run by the School of Human Ecology, Tata Institute of Social Sciences. Confidential help is available from Monday to Saturday between 10 am to 8 pm with the help of qualified mental health professionals. 

Meetup (Support Group)

Meetup is a Mental Health Support Group with a presence across multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. You can join various groups for stress, anxiety, depression, social isolation, and for those who have suicidal tendencies.

Depression and Anxiety Support Group – India (Support Group)

This group is available on Facebook for those who suffer from depression and anxiety in India. You can join the private group and share your story with others who can help you heal. Depression and Anxiety Support Group is a fellowship for those who suffer in silence.

Umang (Support Group)

Umang is an exclusive group for lesbians, bisexual, and trans people who suffer from any trauma or mental health issues. The group offers services like community and legal support, mental health counselling, and various events.

Crisis helpline 9930095856 is available from Monday to Friday between 10 am to 8:30 pm. You can also schedule a counselling session with Umang through the same number, which is also available on WhatsApp.

The MindClan – Suicide Bereavement Support Group

The MindClan is a support group that offers space for sharing experiences or making connections and supporting each other through a mental health crisis. The group invites people from all walks of life if they have lost anyone to suicide.

When someone dies from suicide, the deceased’s friends and family often face challenges finding a space where they can talk freely without any judgments being passed. The group aims to provide support to such people and hope to get through the hard times.

If you feel suicidal and under pressure of finding a way out, please gather the courage and  call any of the above numbers or visit your nearest hospital/ psychiatrist or psychologist for help.