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Facebook Addiction: Social Dysfunction

January 26, 2012

Are you addicted to Facebook? Don’t say no too quickly… More and more people are beginning to admit it: they’re addicted! As absurd as it may sound, Facebook addiction is considered a social disorder by many experts, and as addicts increasingly “come clean,” or attempt to go on “Facebook fasts,” the idea of addiction is becoming progressively viable.

Facebook Lifestyle

Hours upon hours are spent and often wasted on the social site. More and more Indians, especially youngsters, are becoming addicted. People from all walks of life discover themselves logging in religiously — Facebook has become part of our culture.

The company took off eight years ago and currently hosts a global community of more than 800 million users who speak 70 different languages. Facebook has three thousand + employees, and continues to buzz with new users every day.

The Problem

Maybe you’re asking, “So what’s the big deal?” Here’s the problem in short: Facebook isn’t real life!

Too many people are living in online social dreamworlds completely blinded by the very thing their looking at. They type the perfect status, upload the perfect picture, and write a funny comment, and suddenly they feel like they’ve accomplished something — they feel loved.

But loving on Facebook is like kissing your great aunt — more often then not, it’s fake.

You’re addicted if…

You’re probably addicted to Facebook if:

  • You become overly concerned when no one replies to your message or posts.
  • You spend more than an hour on Facebook daily.
  • You confuse real life and Facebook.
  • You find yourself depressed when not on Facebook.
  • You ignore work to be on Facebook.
  • You find yourself losing sleep over Facebook.

[polldaddy poll=5876559]Do you think you’re addicted? Then do something about it! Don’t waste your life on Facebook. Maybe you need to take part in a self-imposed “Facebook De-Addiction Program” by taking a week off of Facebook like the author of this blog article did. If you do, let us know how you “liked” it!

On a more serious note, many De-Addiction Centres across India are treating patients for various online addictions. If you need more help and don’t think you can do it yourself, find a de-addiction centre near you. Many of them are prepared to deal with online addictions.

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