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Should I Seek Treatment In Another Country?

February 24, 2012

DeAddictionCentres.IN is the largest directory of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres in India, with over 500 centres. We are constantly adding centres and we love to hear of the great work that is being done in a variety of centres. Addiction awareness and treatment opportunities are growing at a rapid pace throughout the country. Our mission is to help those seeking treatment find a centre that will help them recover from the brutal disease of addiction. In order to best fulfill all of our users needs, we have added a few carefully chosen international deaddiction centresto the directory. We believe that some in our community may be interested in the unique advantages that international deaddiction offers.

Why International?

A planeThere are a variety of centres worldwide that regularly help international clients and are excited to receive guests from India. Leaving one’s country for medical treatment, or medical tourism, has become increasingly common. Leaving the country to seek rehab, commonly called rehab tourism, may seem extreme, however many have found this to be an excellent way to recover.

A Fresh Environment Aids Success

When someone seeks rehab at a local deaddiction centre they face the constant temptation to go back to their old lifestyle. They are near people and places that remind them of their addiction. They know that they can walk out of the centre and easily access the substance they are addicted to. They are only a short trip away. International Centres provide a fresh start However, when someone seeks treatment in another country, they cannot easily leave. They will be comfortable in the centre, but the world outside of the centre is foreign to them. In that environment, it is almost impossible to go back to the old lifestyle. When you get on the plane to seek treatment abroad, you are very likely to follow through and finish treatment. Centres in Thailand, a common rehab destination country boast of 90% program completion rates among their clients.

Avoid the Stigma of Rehabilitation

An increasing amount of business professionals, high-ranking officials, and medical workers are becoming addicts and alcoholics. When people with these types of positions become addicts, they often desire to keep the problem secret, in order to avoid the amount of attention and problems one receives when he or she goes to rehabilitation. It is incredibly difficult to go to a local Indian deaddiction centre unnoticed. Seeking deaddiction abroad provides an opportunity for anonymity. Most will assume you have gone on vacation to whatever country you have chosen and while in rehabilitation, you will not have to worry about being seen by familiar people.

Enjoy Luxurious Facilities

The Orchid Recovery Center, Palm Beach, Florida

The international centres that we feature have created luxurious environments for their clients. The staff will work hard to make you comfortable throughout the treatment process. The environment in which you will receive treatment is often similar to a luxury resort.

Receive Specialized, Experienced Care

The foreign centres that we feature have staff with a great amount of education and experience in the field of deaddiction. Castle Craig in the United Kingdom, for example, has operated for 30 years and is visited each year by a number of addiction professionals from all over the world to learn how to treat addiction. Like many other international centres, it has specialized treatment for gambling addiction and eating disorders. We love helping people find treatment for their addictions. We hope that whether you seek treatment in India or abroad, you will find the help and hope you need. If you have any questions about international treatment, let us know.

Our International Centres:

Castle Craig Hospital, Peebleshire, Scotland
Orchid Recovery