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9 Tips to Stop Smoking

January 13, 2012
quit smoking
A man smoking in the slums of India.

You’ve seen the pictures: a cigarette pressed between grey and yellow teeth, human lungs blackened from the effects of smoking, a dejected man blowing smoke between his brown lips – images like these show us the effects of smoking; they tell us the facts.

But even facts are often sidelined when dealing with addiction, and common sense fades into the background.

Struggling with Smoking Addiction

The struggle against smoking addiction is a game – a test of will power and of self-respect, a mental battle that affects everything you do, and an emotional roller coaster that often leads to a tough life. So how can addiction be gone for good??

A cigarette breaking symbolizing the end of addiction.

How can you release yourself from the more than 50% of Indians who use tobacco? How can you escape the insanity of addiction? How can you stop smoking cigarettes? Well there is hope! And here are nine tips on how to confidently approach your addiction, and quit smoking.

1. Motivation

Have a reason to quit! Maybe your spouse hates it when light up a cigarette. Possibly you’ve realized how much money you could save if you were to quit. Or maybe you want to quit smoking to lead a healthier and longer life.

Use whatever works best for you! Then write your reason(s) down. For example: “I want to quit smoking because second-hand smoke is bad for my kid’s lungs.” Etch your reason(s) into your mind, and remind yourself of them when you begin to crave a cigarette. Don’t ever forget why you’re quitting.

2. Get Help

Get connected! Talking about addiction inevitably makes it seem more “real,” so talk to others about your commitment to stop smoking. Set up a form of accountability with someone you trust. Telling people about your goals to defeat your addiction will compel you to keep your commitments.

Two girls helping each other with their addictions.

In a recent study led by a research firm in Australia, two-thirds of the 1424 Australians involved affirmed that “talking to others about quitting was beneficial.”

Telling those close to you is very important, and an effective way to develop more motivation to quit.

3. Plan Ahead

What are you going to do when you suddenly begin to crave that cigarette? Have a plan! Write your plan down! And don’t be vague; specifically address how you’ll deal with temptations to smoke. For example: “Breathe deeply 10 times.” or “Bring to mind your motivation to stop smoking.”

Don’t place yourself in situations where you know smoking will be a temptation.

  • Attending parties
  • Going to bars
  • Being around other smokers

Each of these demonstrates a circumstance you wouldn’t want to put yourself in.

4. Self-Respect

Confident man

Believe in yourself! Don’t view yourself simply as a smoker who is taking an unrealistic break from cigarettes; rather develop a sense of self-respect and understand that you are no longer a smoker

Eventually you will cultivate personal responsibility in the area of smoking, and addiction can be a thing of the past.

5. Drink Lots of Water

Water helps you manage and defeat your addiction in three ways.

  • Water drains toxins out of your body.
  • Water allows for minimal withdrawal symptoms.
  • Water helps cravings pass faster.

6. Reward Yourself

Develop a rewarding plan. Emphasize rewards especially in the early stages of your recovery. Make sure the rewards are something you’ll look forward to, and only reward success.

Reward your achievements! You worked hard to accomplish them.

7. Exercise

Getting exercise and eating healthy foods are both important in maintaining your abstinence from cigarettes.


In this picture the word STOP is formed out of cigarettes.

STOP smoking. It’s as simple as S-T-O-P.

  • S – Set up a plan and keep a positive attitude.
  • T – Talk to your doctor.
  • O – Be open, tell your family, friends, and co-workers your goals.
  • P – Persist. Don’t give up!

9. Visit a Smoking Cessation Clinic

An man musing on the purpose of life.

Attending a smoking cessation clinic has proved very helpful. Staffed with experienced counselors and doctors, cessation clinics exist to see you or your loved one beat their smoking addiction. Find a clinic near you!

Half of all adult smokers have quit, you can too!