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how is life in a rehab centre
Niteesh Singh
March 1, 2021

Life in a rehab centre is much different than how it is generally perceived. Read this blog to know what happens in a rehab centre.

Anxiety Among Young Adults Suffering From Covid-19
Niteesh Singh
February 15, 2021

Young adults, in particular, are developing PTSD as COVID-19 becomes the cause of their collapsing dreams while they sit at home in fear to keep themselves and others safe. Read this blog to know how this issue can be addressed.

Webinar - Rehab at home: How & Why? - By David Stanton
Niteesh Singh
December 14, 2020

In our webinar, we invited Mr David Stanton, British Senior Psychotherapist & founder of Tatva Center & Elite De-addiction Services (EDAS) to talk about EDAS & rehabilitation at home. Watch the webinar or read its summary here.