Crystalline Methamphetamine

What is Crystal Methamphetamine?

Crystal methamphetamine—probably better known as “crystal meth”, or just “meth”—is a white crystalline drug abused by people of all ages. Meth users experience a sudden “rush” of pleasure, strong feelings of confidence, hyperactiveness and energy for as long twenty-four hours after taking the drug. The longer and intense “high” meth gives its user has increased the popularity of this dangerous drug. Methods of use include snorting (inhaling through the nose), injection with a needle, smoking and simply eating the stuff. No matter the technique, meth is dangerous, addictive and eventually deadly.

How is meth made?

The process of making methamphetamine usually takes about two days. The drug is a synthetic (man-made) chemical. It’s key ingredient is ephedrine, which can be found in most cold medicines or tablets. The pure form of ephedrine is mixed with red phosphorus and acid and filtered. The substance that binds to the meth is added and the liquid meth is drained out. The meth is then crystallized and dried. Because meth is a man-made substance, it is difficult to stop its production. Anyone with the know-how can set up a lab behind closed doors and go to business.

How much does meth cost?

Two Indian men were caught smuggling 12.3 Kg of meth into India last week. The estimated worth of their booty was close to 90,000,000 Rupee’s. The cost of meth varies based on the purity of the drug, but typically the cost is around 6,000 Rupee’s per gram.

What are the Effects of meth?

he effects of crystal meth are similar to those of cocaine—but will last much longer. A few common short-term effects include:
• Violent behavior
• Upset sleeping behavior
• Extreme mood swings and unpredictability
• Increased blood pressure
• Irregular heat rate
• Suicidal thoughts
• Prolonged anxiety

And like many other drugs, meth can cause terrible long-term effects—especially to chronic users. Long term effects include:

• Brain damage, coma, stroke or death
• Distinct physical symptoms (before and after pictures are terrifying)
• Extreme weight loss, tooth decay and cracked teeth.
• Psychosis and hallucinations

Is meth addictive?

Many meth users become addicted after their first time using the drug. It’s highly concentrated effect causes the person to feel like to have to use it again. Meth addiction is one of the hardest to treat—the easiest way to avoid its grip is to never get started.

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