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We ensure that the content is relevant and accurate before it is published on our website.


We create content related to matters that can help or your family fight addiction. We regularly check the relevance of content on and update it to ensure that it stays relevant and up to date.


To ensure the accuracy of medical content on our website, we only refer to the information published available on reputed sources like peer-reviewed medical journals, governmental websites, the World Health Organisation, and so on. We cite such sources wherever needed to establish facts. We are committed to being a reliable, credible, and authoritative source of addiction and mental health information.

How Is Our Content Different?


We create every piece of medical literature in a language that everyone can read and understand. We put the findings from academic journals into context to help out readers understand how it affects their lives.

Editorial Integrity

As a part of our journalistic responsibility, we make clear distinctions between different types of content on our website. Blogs, webinars, recovery stories, opinion pieces, drug guides, etc. are clearly marked as such. We clearly marked advertised information on our website so that our readers can easily distinguish it from editorial information.

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One of our core values as an organisation is that we provide independent resources with no ties or affiliations with treatment providers, pharmaceutical companies, or particular treatment approach.

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Step 1: Every piece of medical literature is created after thorough research by professional and experienced writers.

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Step 4: Finally, the content is published on the website.