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Top 5 mental health & deaddiction podcasts you should listen to

September 16, 2021
Reviewed by: Rajnandini Rathod

Recovery is a long continuous journey that could last a lifetime. It is crucial to develop good habits during the recovery process. Activities that encourage a person to look positively towards the future are the best kind. But which ones to pick from an ocean of various activities and habits you could develop?

Well, you can choose the simple ones first like listening to music or podcasts, hiking, or journaling. Listening to podcasts can be rewarding in your routine. They add stories, lessons, and characters into the life of their listeners.

If you are someone recovering from addiction, listening to podcasts can be beneficial. Here is a small list of some of the best podcasts that you can consider listening to:

  1. Beyond Belief Sobriety

The Beyond Belief Sobriety is a podcast dedicated to addiction recovery and mental health. The podcast features stories of people from all walks of life who seek a secular path to addiction recovery. 

Every week, the podcast also features a personal recovery story or an extended interview with an author or expert on de-addiction or mental health. Besides audio, the Beyond Belief Sobriety podcast also does a live stream every Friday night at 7 pm CET. 

The podcast is available on every platform like Spotify, Google podcasts, Apple podcasts, Audible, and YouTube.

  1. That Sober Guy

That Sober Guy podcast was started by Shane Ramer in 2014 dedicated to fighting against alcoholism and addiction. One of the focus areas of the podcast is to promote a healthy lifestyle and recovery. 

A recovering alcoholic, Shane Ramer interviews common people and celebrity guests who have an addiction history or felt its impact. The podcast helps share stories that may inspire its listeners to choose sobriety over addiction.

It is available on Stitcher and other podcast platforms.

  1. The Bubble Hour Podcast

The Bubble Hour podcast is hosted by the blogger and author Jean McCarthy. She says that the ‘Bubble’ is what people use to stay safe and fulfilled during sobriety. The podcast is co-hosted by other women who bring real stories, experiences, and interviews.

The podcast aims at bringing a sense of community while breaking down the stigma associated with addiction. The podcast tends to educate and inform people about addiction, especially the ones currently facing the challenges.

The Bubble Hour podcast is available on Stitcher, Amazon Music, and similar platforms.

  1. From Sobriety to Recovery: An Addiction Recovery Podcast

Sobriety and recovery – what is the variance? The podcast From Sobriety to Recovery aims to answer this question while bringing in real-life stories of people from all walks of life.

Hosted by Jesse Mongle, the podcast aims to develop a better mindset, cultivate courage, be decisive, take action, and embrace discipline during and after addiction recovery.

From Sobriety to Recovery – an addiction recovery podcast is available on Stitcher, Amazon Music, and other podcast platforms.

  1. Finding Her: A Mental Health Podcast

Finding Her is a mental health podcast hosted by Julia Busby, created to normalise talking about mental health in the community. A preventative mental health and wellness podcast focuses on tools, tips, tangible strategies, resources, and intimate conversations.

The podcast also has expert guests where they share a ton of laughs while teaching how to maintain physical and mental health. Finding Her Podcast believes that no one is alone in this fight, one must look at them.

The podcast is available on Stitcher, Amazon Music, Google Podcast, and similar platforms.

Bonus Podcast – Mayim Bialik’s Breakdown

“There is a difference between FEELING sad and BEING sad” – Dr Mayim Bialik

Her podcast tries to explore the same.

Breakdown is a podcast series by Mayim Bialik – Amy Farrah Fowler of the Big Bang Theory (a legendary sitcom of this age).

She is a trained neuroscientist (PhD) but this podcast is the place where she wears different hats. She talks about addiction, recovery, mental health, stigma, success, and life through her podcast. In every podcast, she interviews different celebrity guests to know their stories, success and mental health turmoil.

Listen to her podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcasts, YouTube, and the official website at

Wrapping It Up

The popularity of podcasts around mental health and deaddiction is growing. A Neilsen report suggested that there were more than 6.8 million podcast listeners in 2019 that exploded during 2020-21. Likewise, 1.7 million podcasts were reported at the start of 2021. 

An individual can listen to podcasts while walking, working, or resting. It only helps ease the recovery process if you have good habits inculcated in your routine. 

In India, RehabPath offers deep insights into the world of mental health and de-addiction through their webinars held online regularly. Multiple field experts join as guest speakers and share their experiences or stories of patients. 

You can explore the website and Facebook of RehabPath India and learn from recovery stories and experiences.


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