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Neville Finds Help at Chaitanya Rehab

September 6, 2011

Hi There Friends,

I would like to thank Mr. Rony George and Mrs. Sushupti Rony director and program co-ordinator at chaitanya mhcc. For wat i am today, I was an addict as well as a p.d. It is because of them that I stand here today on my own with my head held high. Going through rough patches and a broken family background I came to Chaitanya where the people and the counselors were very helpful, I had to go through various sessions and therapies and slowly and steadily I realized what I was and what mistakes I had made. They helped in in my bad and my good

Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre Facility

Chaitanya Mental Health Care Centre Facility

times…. Slowly I started working with Chaitanya and continued my studies as well. They supported me in all my decisions that i took an guided me through every thing. I got a huge moral boost from them which helped me a lot in my past and will be helpful in my carrier in the future. Today i am doing my hotel management from Pune and working with spectrum rehabilitation and research center. With all due respect I would like to thank Rony sir and Sushupti maam once again for bringing me this far and helping me in my time of need and getting me out of my problem.

neville billimoria

the future is yours, its in your hand to make it or break it….