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Most Popular Drugs in India: Introduction

September 1, 2012

Decades ago, a bomb went off in India. The explosion of this deadly bomb has spread and seeped into nearly every people group and state of our land since. A bomb of illegal drugs.

The explosion hit the ground quietly, and many of us didn’t realize its dangers–its devastating effects–and the toll it would take on India. In fact, even today the explosion continues to spread further and deeper into our country.

Top three drugs in India

In the last 30 years, illegal drug use has become a global epidemic, and India is right at its heart. In India, three drugs seem to have outdone the rest:

  • Cannabis/ Marijuana
  • Heroin/ Brown Sugar
  • Tobacco

In our next few posts we'll discuss the effects that each of these drugs have had on our land and on our people.

Come and visit again to read more about Cannbis/ Marijuana, Heroin/ Brown Sugar, and Tobacco in our series on the most popular Indian Drugs.

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