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Honesty—Key to Beating Addiction

June 16, 2012

Addiction is almost always kept under wraps. That’s the only way to maintain it—lie about it. And besides, to admit your addiction would hurt your reputation. And you don’t want to do that.

Or do you?

The Honest Truth About Addiction

What if I told you that being completely honest with yourself was the only way you’ll ever even begin to conquer your addiction?

Part of beating your addiction is beating your pride. Let me explain.

The moment you begin to say, “I can beat this addiction, and I can do it today,” isn’t the moment that you begin down the road to recovery. But rather, your dependency on your own will power prolongs your addiction.

The fact is that in order to maintain an addiction, you usually have to lie about it. And in order to stop an addiction you have, to be honest about it.

12 Step Recovery—Honesty

There’s a reason the 1st step in the 12-Step de-addiction plan is to admit you are completely powerless over your addiction—and that your life has become unmanageable.

Experts say that when someone is caught in the sea of addiction, their will power becomes “practically non-existent.”

Think about the last time you had a drink or took a drug. Why did you do it? It probably wasn’t because you wanted to draw out your addiction or keep hurting your family and friends.

Desire | Stronger than Memory

At the point in which an addict decides to consume an addictive substance, he has lost the consciousness to remember the pain that same substance brought him and his family last week—or just yesterday!

Somehow your desire for what that drug will do for you erases the long-term effect. Somehow your memory turns off or begins to fade, and your desire for a “high,” or for a release from reality is switched on and shifted into high gear.

Honesty | A Key Step to Beating Addiction

I say all this, to tell you that honesty is of utmost importance in recovering from addiction. Admitting that you can’t beat your problem on your own, and understanding that your addiction is forcing you to live a lie, are key steps an addict in treatment must take.

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