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Addiction Rehab Options Continue to Grow for Citizens of the UAE

February 26, 2019

Dubai skyline at sunset

[September 2017 Update] In 2017, options for treatment in the UAE have continued to grow, with Dubai opening its first rehab center earlier this year. Erada Center, focusing on alcohol and drug addiction treatment, offers residential care, intensive outpatient, and a family program. In addition to a new centre, the UAE seems to be stepping into a leadership role in raising awareness and acknowledgement to the problem of addiction in the Middle East, as evidenced by ISAM (International Society of Addiction Medicine) being hosted by Abu Dhabi in October of 2017.

The UAE, like almost any other modern country, has a drug and alcohol addiction problem on the rise. According to the National, drug addiction in Abu Dhabi continues to rise. It’s not abnormal to see cases of addiction in Abu Dhabi rise by over 10% year over year. 10 years ago, officials in Dubai admitted they have a drug problem, but drug addiction is till quite common, especially among those with great wealth, with the now deceased crown prince dealing heavily with the issue. According to a study, from 1990 to 2010 drug use in the UAE rose over 500%. As Abu Dhabi and Dubai continue to grow in influence and as centers of commerce and transportation, this problem will likely only get worse.

Good and Bad News for UAE Addicts

For the citizens of UAE afflicted with drug and alcohol addiction there’s good news and bad news. The bad news is that compared to many Western countries, addiction is looked down upon, and it’s common wisdom to hide your addiction, especially due to the very real fear you may go to jail for drug use (rather than a rehab).

However, the good news is that compared to other Muslim countries, UAE is becoming more and more lax on their view of addiction, and in fact in just the past few years the authorities have been urging citizens to admit their addictions and get drug rehab.

The National Rehab Center, a 28 bed drug and alcohol rehab opened in 2012 in Abu Dhabi, is a direct response by the government to address the problem of addiction in the UAE, and has made a huge difference in many people’s lives, expanding to multiple locations with a brand new facility with over 100 beds in the works.

The proposed drug and alcohol rehab center in Abu Dhabi

The proposed new NRC facility in Abu Dhabi

Options Abroad

While there are beginning to be local options for Emiratis, many still prefer to find treatment internationally, both for privacy reasons and to give themselves more options. We find many UAE citizens choose to come to India for treatment and one center in particular welcomes Emiratis with open arms, Hope Trust in Hyderabad. With a global and cross cultural approach to treatment, Hope Trust’s drug and alcohol rehab program is well equipped to treat clients from Dubai and Abu Dhabi who are ready to find help and healing in the spiritual destination that is India.

Rahul Luther, Director of Hope Trust, shared with us that “Hope Trust gets about 30% of clients from overseas – a significant number being from Middle East including UAE.”

Why Hope Trust? “The treatment model is especially effective for such individuals since we understand the social and family dynamics of UAE-based clients. Moreover, it is close to UAE with short duration direct flights to our international facility located in India.”

Hope Trust's new international rehab facility in Hyderabad

Hope Trust’s new international rehab facility in Hyderabad

Others choose to find treatment in other Asian locations, especially in Thailand. DARA Rehab offers world class luxury treatment at an affordable cost and has a special program in place for clients from the UAE.

If you or your loved one are from the UAE and looking for treatment, there is hope. Whether you find help in the new programs being started at home, or if you find help in our directory of over 800 rehab centers, addiction can be stopped!