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When Shafa Changed My Life

June 3, 2013

When I came here in SHAFA, I initially felt trapped and was totally close minded and angry with every one especially my family. I had started my addiction with smoking at the age of 15yrs, that turned into serious drinking and multiple addiction before I completed 18yrs. I was admitted to SHAFA on 27-06-2008, I spent 12months for correcting my careless behavior and to learn the skills of ‘how to say no to ‘drugs', that today still works as a mantra for me to live a drug free life.

In SHAFA I gained my lost values and trust of family too. SHAFA home is not less than a temple for me. I later realized it when they saved my life and supported me at a very crucial point of time. When I was in final phase of treatment, my mother expired. None of the family member informed me about this tragedy because I might have left the treatment in between and that could be a big reason for my relapse. Obviously I felt bad and cheated when they told me about this truth but today I feel and accept that whatever they did was right and their intention was just to save my life. Unfortunately, my parents are not alive today.

SHAFA is like a family for me. I found my father, mother, brother and friends in every face of SHAFA. Yes, maybe they are not in my blood relation but believe me they matter a lot in my life…whatever they have done for me is valuable than anything else…. Today I am working in SHAFA as a staff member and helping others to leave addiction so that they can live a happy and drug free life like me…. Today I am leading a quality life and enjoying every bit of it.

by Piyush Mittal from Punjab

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