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Asheesh – One Day at a Time

June 2, 2011

This story can be found on Faith Foundation Society’s website. To find out more about Faith, go to their website or check out their listing page.

I was in my graduation when I started using alcohol for fun and curiosity. After some days my sense of fun would only be related to consuming alcohol. In my 3rd year I was introduced to drugs like grass and pills. During my early using days I always thought I could quit any day I wanted.

Later, my dependency on chemicals had increased so much that I would study and take my exams only when high. I had slowly lost my self confidence when my peers completed their course a year before me. Because of my using and false confidence of taking my exams only when high resulted in me losing 2 years of my graduation time.

Even at this time I did not realize the amount of loss I had undergone because of my using. Later, I had completed my graduation and came back home and got married. Even during this time, I had no intentions to stop my using as I had not given any thought about the loss I already had undergone.

Thus, I continued using and my family members came to know of it. During this time I had lost my self-respect, confidence and the reputation which I had with my family as well, but even then I did not realize the damage my using had caused to me and my family members.

Celebrating Freedom from Addiction at Faith Foundation Society

By the time I got admitted to the treatment centre, I had stopped working and my relationship with my wife and sisters were strained. At the same time I saw that my two year old son was imitating me, which led me to realize that I was doing something wrong.

The initial days in the treatment centre were particularly difficult for me since we had to follow strict time schedule and the duties which we had to do. After a few days and after listening to my other fellow members sharing, the morning classes about our personalities and afternoon video sessions had helped me a lot. The change in me had come after some personal interactions with my counsellors and discussing with them about myself that I came to know where I was going wrong and how my thought process had become negative.

It is because of the positive support I got here that I am 11 months clean and could find some goals for my life here. I am ever grateful for their continued support and suggestions that my family and I are happy today.