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Armaan – Finding Hope at Hope Trust

April 14, 2011

Armaan’s story was originally posted on Hope Trust’s website. Find out more about Hope Trust on their listing page.

I am a recovering drug addict. I started drinking heavily and abusing drugs when I was 16. I didn’t realize what was happening to me and soon I was in the grip of addiction. I couldn’t stop using drugs and everyday would find a reason to get high. Slowly, I was so addicted to it that I had to use every day to survive. But I couldn’t do anything when I was using, my brain was so clouded that I didn’t realise that I was making a mistake and most importantly I didn’t know that there was way to stop.

I hit rock bottom when I lost 3-4 yrs of my educational career, lost the trust and faith of my family and most importantly lost faith in god. Every night there was violence at home. I was admitted to Hope Trust on march 19th 2003. I was tricked into coming there otherwise I would have never gone. Once there the company of other recovering addicts and alcoholics (like me) made me relax. I felt that there are other people like me when I met them and shared our experiences. I was really down and I was very guilty about the whole thing as my mind started to clear up in the 4-5 days of de-toxification. When I spoke to my councilor I realised that there are people who care for me and would like to see me live happily, I was really motivated to quit drugs.

As the weeks passed and as I attended the sessions and followed the daily routine, I began to understand the ill effects of drugs on my body, mind and soul and also on the people around me. I realised that I cannot drink or use drugs “socially”. I was taught how to keep away from drugs and alcohol and most importantly how to say NO. I was taught anger management and learnt humility. Today I am trying to complete my graduation. I celebrated my 1 yr clean time in the rehab. By using the same program I have quit smoking and am able to get a broader and more clear perspective to life.