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Prescription Drug Abuse in India

May 8, 2012
prescription drug abuse

The availability of prescription drugs has never been greater.

Doctors are prescribing more drugs than ever before. Online pharmacies make getting prescription drugs easy. And youngsters are consistently given powerful and addictive prescription drugs following a surgery or doctor’s appointment.

Prescription drug abuse has become a worldwide problem—and it’s getting worse every day.

According to a report released by the United Nations, new drugs enter the market daily and they’re making their way into new venues mainly in developing countries.

Prescription Drugs Abuse in India

3 most commonly abused prescription drugs in India

Covering only 2.4% of the world’s land area India supports over 15% of the world’s population. Our economy comes in as the 11th largest in the world and has a 7% projected growth rate next year.

We are a developing country, and over the last few decades we’ve made forward progress economically and politically.

But as our country develops, so does its market for prescription drugs. Lax regulations have allowed prescription drugs to flourish uninhibited in India. As our culture adapts to the economic transition, prescription drug abuse has slid under the radar.

In India, drugs not included on a small list of “prescription-only” drugs are considered non-prescription. Meaning that hundreds of prescription (also called “over the counter“) drugs including some painkillers, depressants and stimulants are available without the consent of a doctor.

Prescription drugs are also given out liberally by doctors who want to make some extra money.

What is Prescription Drug Abuse?

The abuse of prescription drugs takes place when drugs prescribed by a doctor are used in a way unintended by the doctor.

As you read above, the most commonly abused prescription drugs come in the form of depressants, painkillers and stimulants. Hundreds of drugs fall under these three categories.

Be Careful!

Prescription drugs have become commonplace in many circles, and are viewed as an easy way to relax or achieve a simple high. They are notorious for being incredibly addictive and unforgivingly abusive to your body and mind. So steer clear of prescription drugs!

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