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Founder of World's Leading Women's Recovery Center Visits India on a Mission of Hope for Women Addicts

January 19, 2013

In the past few years, we have documented the growing challenge women in India face as they try to find help for addiction. We’ve been excited to see progress in this area. Some centres have been developing ways to help women specifically and some are even adding specific women’s programs.

In a new and exciting development, DeAddictionCentres.IN began working closely with Julie Queler, founder of Orchid Recovery Center, the leading women’s rehab in the world, as she prepared for her two week trip to India, which began today. The Orchid is truly a pioneer in women’s treatment, having been developed from the ground up for women. The centre has been featured on 20/20, Oprah, The View, Good Morning America, and the reality show “Intervention.”

Besides the popular media attention, The Orchid has been featured in many health magazines and journals. Julie even wrote a chapter for a manual on treatment for the U.S. court system. The Orchid is respected not only as the leading women’s treatment center, but is sought out as a leader in the recovery field by those treating both men and women. Having seen so much success in the United States, Julie is collaborating with recovery leaders in India in order to help meet the needs of the many women whose lives have been shattered by addiction.

We sat down with Julie and discussed her interest in India as well as her plans for this trip and the future.

A Special Heart for India

Julie’s first time in India was 1995 and at that point she immediately fell in love with the country. While in India, she met her spiritual teacher, Radanath Swami, who has had a special impact on her thinking and life ever since. After living in India for a year and half, she returned to the United States, realizing that she had been changed forever.

Julie Queler, Founder of the Orchid Recovery Center

In 2004, she founded The Orchid Recovery Center. This centre is internationally known as the leading women’s treatment centre in the world. The treatment method at The Orchid is based on the popular Minnesota Model, but has been developed from the ground up with women and their unique needs in mind. With nearly a decade of success and experience in uniquely women’s treatment, Julie believes she can use her position as a spokesperson for women’s treatment beyond her current circles of influence.

With her previous experiences, Julie naturally began to think about India. With those ideas circulating through her mind, she was invited by her teacher to come visit him in India and see how she could make a difference. While planning her trip, she discovered DeAddictionCentres.IN, and was thrilled to see the active and growing community of treatment centres in India. Her desire is to collaborate with centres and learn from the doctors and specialists who are already helping addicts in India. After contacting centres in multiple cities, she was thrilled with the response.

Meeting with the Experts

Julie is well known worldwide as an expert in women’s treatment. However, she recognizes that Indian deaddiction centre owners and doctors are the experts when it comes to the specific treatment needs of India. Her goal in this initial two week trip is to meet with these experts so they can collaborate and begin working together to find solutions for Indian women suffering from addiction. Below is the list of addiction recovery leaders she will be meeting with while in the country.

*Also possibly meeting with Miracle Foundation in Bangalore and Muktangan in Pune

The Future of Women-Focused Treatment in India: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

The reception that Julie has already been receiving to the idea of women-focused treatment in India has been very encouraging. Looking at the current situation in India, she believes that this is “an idea whose time has come.” Julie and The Orchid are committed to working with local leaders to help develop programs and reach women suffering from addiction throughout India.

Based on what she learns and the connections she makes on this trip, Julie will work to develop the next steps in the process as she seeks to spread her message of hope in recovery for the women of India. We look forward to reporting on those next steps soon after she returns home.

Watch the Orchid’s Newly Released Video:

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