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De-Addiction Centres Interviews Hope Trust

October 13, 2011
De-Addiction Centres recently conducted an interview with Mr. Rahul Luther, the Executive Trustee and Managing Director of Hope Trust. Hope Trust is a premier De-Addiction Centre, and is known around the world for its excellent work in the field of addiction and recovery. We are grateful to Mr. Luther for taking his time to share his and Hope Trust’s passion and vision for addiction recovery.


Rahul Luther

Rahul Luther - Managing Director of Hope Trust

12 Step Treatment seems to be an important part of your philosophy. What typically goes on in your daily AA/NA meetings?

Our therapy is 12 Step centered. Apart from AA/ NA meetings, we have: in-depth step work (we do the first 3 steps), step study classes, Big Book and Basic Text study sessions and audio-video sessions on the steps and traditions.

What is the difference between Hope Trust and Arel Hope Recovery Services?

They are associates: Hope Trust is a not-for-profit organisation focusing on providing prevention and research services to corporates and community via sensitization programs in slums, clubs, companies, educational institutions and interaction with media. Arel Hope is a private entity focusing on treatment.

What is the most common addiction that you deal with, and is there any type of addiction that you see growing among the people you serve?

Alcohol, drugs (marijuana, heroin, cocaine, whiteners, etc). Since our clientele comes from all over India and abroad, the incidence of the drug depends on the geographic origin. Moreover, we get significant number of clients with Dual Diagnosis (substance abuse + psychiatric issues). We have experienced and competent psychiatric and clinical inputs to successfully deal with such cases. All clients are assessed by a psychiatrist and clinical psychologist on admission and appropriate treatment initiated depending on diagnosis.
Hope Trust India
How does Hope Trust provide for the needs of women in treatment?

We have a separate facility with an all-women staff including lady counsellors to address the specific issues of women with addictions.

The problem of drug addiction is growing in India. What do you see as the greatest action that needs to be taken to overcome this problem?

Government regulation and guidelines to encourage more rehabs that meet basic professional and ethical standards.

Your foundation has grown a great deal since it was started in 2002. What are your plans for the future?

We are proposing to build our own facility on the outskirts of Hyderabad with world-class services and ambience. We are also initiating more international affiliations with renowned facilities and organisations worldwide. At present we are housed in rented accommodation.

How is Hope Trust's treatment philosophy particularly "Indian?"

We have incorporated Yoga, Meditation and Art of Living in our treatment plan. Our counsellors are Indian. However, we have always strived to have a global and cross-cultural approach to meet the requirements of clients from all across India and abroad (30% of clients at Hope come from overseas).

The model that you have developed, PERT (Prevention, Education, Research, Treatment) is very exciting and gives hope for the future of de-addiction. Pertaining to prevention and education, what does Hope Trust do to educate and sensitize the community regarding addiction?

As stated above, we regularly conduct sensitization programs at corporates, schools, colleges, clubs and Government departments including the Police. We contribute to the training of Police personnel at the National Police Academy. We also regularly interact with media on the subject and are active on electronic social media networks. Moreover, we send out weekly educatative articles to subscribers via email.

What is the most exciting development that has come from your research in the past few years?

1. Growing awareness of treatment options 2. Enhanced acceptance amongst the medical community 3. Acceptance of rehabs by the AA/ NA fellowships

Is there a special significance to the name "Hope" Trust?

The road to recovery starts with Hope. As long as there is Hope, there is life.


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