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Tranquil Environment is the Key to Successful Recovery

August 8, 2019
Tranquil environment is the key to successful recovery

When you sit down in a fancy restaurant, you expect the dining to be exquisite and the atmosphere to compliment the experience. When you empty your wallet to take your family or spouse on a weekend getaway, you eagerly anticipate the opportunity to place real life on the back burner for a few days and spend time relaxing.

But what is it that allows for a tranquil weekend escape, or a fantastic dining experience? The answer is simple: your environment—the food, the smile filled faces, the friendly staff, warm bubble baths, stunning views, and the comfortable furniture all positively affect your experience in a profound way.

But I’m not writing this blog to promote restaurants or recommend a vacation spot. Rather, I type these words to make a straightforward, and often overlooked, point: Environment is key during drug and alcohol recovery.

Key to Recovery

In the same way soft dinner lighting sets the mood, or a friendly staff can enhance a vacation, your surroundings during recovery impact the therapeutic process.

The path to recovery requires peeling back layers of self—addicted self. This difficult process of deep self-discovery finds compatibility with external comfort, beautiful surroundings, and individualized care.

Environmental impact on recovery—according to science

Marcello Solinas and Mohamed Jabber, research scientists from the Institute de Physiology et Biology Cellulaire in Poitiers, understand the importance of recovering in an adequate environment.

The two scientists discovered that exposing mice to an “enriched environment” during cocaine withdrawal removes abnormal behavior related to addiction. After thirty days of exposure to a comfortable environment, a significant decrease in the cocaine-induced activation of brain structures was observed.

Their discoveries highlight the correct environment necessary for effective treatment. And, conversely these studies show the uphill battle a poor environment can cause during recovery.

What are my recovery options?

Every addict should have a plan going into recovery. Let me show you a great “recovery blueprint” from the NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) to help get you started. “Place yourself in the least restrictive environment that is still safe and effective. Then move along a continuum of care as you demonstrate the capacity and motivation to cooperate with treatment and no longer need a more structured setting or the types of services offered only in that environment.”

If you’re looking for the best place to follow through with this well researched plan, then you should consider a luxury rehab facility.

Luxury rehab clinics, such as The Sanctuary in Byron Bay Australia, pride themselves in the confidentiality and individuality they present to each client. At The Sanctuary you will never meet another Sanctuary client, and your presence will never be disclosed.

The Sanctuary

At The Sanctuary, an experienced personal support team will guide and encourage you throughout your therapy. You can also expect everything from the cuisine to the family support to be individualized to fit your case.

Obviously, luxury treatment comes with a cost. Most clinics charge 1,000,000 to 3,000,000 rupees as a monthly fee. But your money will be well spent as you recover in some of the most luxurious places on earth.

Let us know if you have any questions about luxury rehab by commenting below.